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General Questions


What is Be Unique?

BE UNIQUE was Established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by an ambitious young man who believes that with collaboration success comes a young man who loves overcoming challenges with uniqueness, with this mindset he built BE UNIQUE to become one of the most wanted websites in the Middle East.

BE UNIQUE sells various kind of products starting from Smart gadgets & travelling tools, Stationary, Beauty and most of all Arabian Brands

A great mission BE UNIQUE works for is to be the number one platform selling Arabia Brands and turns them from a Local to International brands


What is special about you?

  1. We are 100% Arabian
  2. We create opportunities to all brand owners & entrepreneurs
  3. We proudly support Arabian Brands
  4. Multi-Payment methods for maximum flexibility
  5. We Ship to 15 Countries around the globe
  6. Unique & special   products
  7. Easy to understand and navigate our website
  8. One of the First Saudi Website lunching native IOS & Android Apps
  9. Bold return and exchange policy

And more to know more of how to use the features of please click here.


Who owns BeUnique? is owned by “Be Unique eMarketing Establishment” & “Agile ventures LTD” in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah 


What are the available Brands in Be Unique?

 We offer many global & Arabian brands. To see all brands please click here



Questions about the Account


What do I get when opening an Account with Be Unique?
When Opening an Account with BE UNIQUE:

  1. Easier way to order and track your shipment
  2. Direct access to communicate with our customer care
  3. Easier was to complete your payment process and one click to re-order
  4. Being able to share your comments on BU Magazine, Fast rating to products & more
  5. Being able to create multiple Wish-lists of your own and name them

You can now easily create an account with BE UNIQUE throw Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram by clicking here


What do I do incase I forgotten my password?

 No worries! You can reset your password from here, and you will receive an email with a random password that can be edited once you log-in.



What do I do when I want to cancel an order?

Cancellation steps are quite simple! Click here to get details on how to


Does BeUnique offer Return and Exchange?

Yes we do! And we have a bold policy and simple to follow through, click here for info.


My order status shows I’m in “Progress in Process”, when will my order be shipped?

Total delivery time = Process time + Shipping time

Total delivery time depends on, ideally we keep it under 4-5 business days. You will receive your tracking number upon placing order. If there are any questions regarding shipping or delivery please contact our Customer Care here.


How do I make sure of the correct order size before buying?

For detailed size comparison, please click here.



What are BeUnique’s available payment methods?

You have the following options: VISA, MasterCard, SADAD, Bank Transaction, PayPal, BeUnique Wallet, Installments or Cash-On-Delivery.


Is BeUnique a safe website?

Shopping in BeUnique including all its payment methods are 100% safe. Our website is protected with a SSL Security protocol, which specializes in advanced coding and keeps your private information safe.

 Our goal is to guarantee your information and keep your privacy 100%.


What do I do after placing my order via Bank Transfer?

Please attach a copy of your order receipt and write your name and the product you bought and send it to


Are there more Payment options for multiple products?

You can use only one method for each order



What will the shipping company do if it wasn’t able to contact me?                                                                      

 Shipping company will try to contact you several times to deliver the product/s. If you weren’t reachable, the product/s will be kept at the shipping company for at least 1 week. If you didn’t receive your product after 1 week, it will be returned to BeUnique and your order will be cancelled.


Where do you deliver your products?

We deliver our products all across The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Lebanon, Jordan, The United States of America, The United Kingdom, Spain, and India. For more details click here.


How can I track my orders?

You can track your orders via BeUnique’s Dashboard by clicking on My Order. You will get a text message providing you with your order’s tracking number sent by the Shipping Company.


What do I do if I receive a damaged product?

This never happened before, but in case it did please contact us at: and provide us the following info:

Order Number:

Product name:

Damages done:

Attached damage pictures:

We will then contact you and try solve this seamlessly


How long should I expect my product to arrive from the order date?

We aspire to have your order arrive in the fastest way possible. And depending on the country ordered from, click here to see average time taken for your country.


Are there any extra expenses for shipments outside The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

Sometimes, it depends whether there are custom fees in your country which is unknown to us due to various laws and fees set up for each country. So kindly refer to your national laws and policies to further understand the nature of overseas shipping in respect to your country. 

In some cases, custom complications may affect the duration of delivery.


My order hasn’t arrived yet, what do I do?

If your order hasn’t arrived within promised dates, please contact us at and write us your order number in the email.


Can I ship my order to my work office?

Ofcoure! Just make sure you type in the right address


Can I order to multiple addresses?
Yes, you can get your order at any address you desire. For any questions kindly contact us at