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Return Policy:

BU Guarantee Return Policy:

BU Guarantee applies if the perfume was not original only. The customer decides whether the perfume is original or fake!

If the perfume was not original, Do the following to get your perfume value back:

  • Contact us through this phone number: 00966544064057 or using this email:

    • Take a photo of BU Guarantee Card and the Bill together in the same image. And, send this message to the number or email above

  • We will contact you to get your bank account No.

  • As soon as we receive your bank account No. We will transfer the perfume value to your bank account. (No Questions Asked!)

  • We will send the courier company to take the perfume from you and send it to us. Be Unique will pay the shipment costs.

  • If the perfume was original, we will contact the customer to send him the perfume. In this case the customer will be charged for the perfume and for the shipment cost from BU to the customer.

* Be Unique has the right to change BU Guarantee return policy at any time.